Daily Bread


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Beautiful book shows portrets of the powerful Ethiopian women

Support the fight against famine in the Horn of Africa!

Information about the famine in the Horn of Africa (Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia) is through newspapers, internet, radio and television in our living rooms every day. Ten million people are threatened by hunger and thirst. Many have sought shelter in refugee camps, where the situation by a lack of food, water and medical supplies is distressing.

Arjan van Dijk traveled to Ethiopia for years and lost his heart to this beautiful and fascinating country with its friendly, proud people and strong resilient women who make a major contribution to the progress of the country. It hit him that the country is plagued by drought, making women and their families to flee en masse. "How difficult it must be for these proud women to be dependent for others so suddenly."

With this book Daily bread Arjan van Dijk wants to capture the strength, beauty and vulnerability of Ethiopian women. The book contains  52 portraits of women framed with quotes and sayings from Africa. From each book sold, the revenues will go to the emergency program of the cooperating aid  organizations(Giro 555).

By buying this book for yourself or family and friends, you can contribute to limit the damage to the affected population as much as possible! The revenues will be used for water, food and medical care. To support the people in the affected villages and refugee camps.

For only € 19,75 we will send you this book. And with this you help to fight the famine in the Horn of Africa.

Title                     : Daily Bread

Size                     : 210×140

Appearance        : hardcover, full color

Author                : Arjan van Dijk

Number of pages: 112

Text                   : Dutch / English

Weight500 g


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