Gerard Pieter Adolfs, The Painter of Java and Bali


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De eerste uitgebriede biografie en oeuvre van‚Gerard Pieter Adolfs ‚ The Painter of Java and Bali ‚ 1898-1968‚ was gepresenteerd met succes en een groot publiek was aanwezig op 26 November 2008 bij Christie’s Amsterdam. Wim Pijbes,  Algemeen directeur van het Rijksmuseum, ontving officieel het eerste exemplaar van dit bijzondere boek.

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The two authors‚ Eveline Borntraeger-Stoll (the granddaughter of G.P. Adolfs) and Gianni Orsini‚ wrote and compiled an extraordinary and richly illustrated book with a detailed biographical and art historical overview of life and work of the Dutch East Indies painter Gerard Pieter Adolfs.
The biography, published by Pictures Publishers Art Books, Wijk en Aalburg, 2008 (ISBN 978 73187 62 7) -contains 420 pages with 568 images (mostly in colour) and an oeuvre catalogue with nearly 1000 images.
Allow me to introduce you to the painter Ger P. Adolfs. He’s a lad from the Dutch East Indies with agile features and laughing dark eyes, which narrow slightly whenever he feels especially cheerful; he wears an artistic, smudgy little black neck-tie which absorbs the perspiration dripping from his chin whenever he’s in an especially inspired or otherwise excitable mood; he also wears a double-breasted Palm Beach jacket with matching, very loosely cut cashmere trousers. He is small in height but full of energy. When walking, his legs display a nervous rhythm. When riding his motorbike, he bends his short upper body like Herkulijns three seconds before he overshoots the bend in the road.
This little painter is blessed with a high-powered drive which never seems to slow down. When he is on the move, he sees everything. Then when he takes a short break, he cannot wait to capture all the faces he has just seen in speedy, scribbly sketches. His studio contains thousands of drawings ‚ all neatly compiled in Schaubeks portfolios ‚ with tens of thousands of heads, bodies and legs on them. A certain percentage of these are female.

Eveline Borntraeger-Stoll, Gianni Orsini

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