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In Park Sacre-Coeur, at the Velperweg in Arnhem, Sawah Beland, the mutual monument of Joyce Bloem(sculptor) and Marion Bloem (writer, artist) was reveiled. The monument engaged a sawa with seven granite pages who ‘float’ around the rice-landscape. On the granite pages parts of stories are told: stories from Indonesian persons as they are signed up by the autor Marion Bloem. Sawah Beland remembers the Indo who is formed during the kolonial period and came over to the Netherlands after the revolution. The art park is symbolic for the Indo’s who seems to be resolved in the Dutch society, who cherish there feelings, who seems to be totaly assimilated, but clearly left there prints in the Dutch culture.

Marion Bloem
Joyce Bloem

Text Dutch

92 pages
Dimension 245mm x 178mm
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