Arie Smit, a painter’s Life in the Tropics


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A personal chronicle on the originally Dutch painter Arie Smit (1916), about his life and – in particular – about his 60 year long career on Bali. This book is written by his niece Luciënne Smit (Koog aan de Zaan, 1953), daughter of Aries brother Bert.

Next to extended attention for the work of Arie Smit, the book also describes the live of Arie Smit. From his youth in Zaandam and Rotterdam, his departure to former Dutch-Indies and his work for the Topografische Dienst in Batavia and for several publishers on Java. The book describes how he started as a painter and the development during his career.

author : Lucienne Smit

text  : English

pages : 280

format  : 240x320mm

Weight 2900 g


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