Henri Bol: 1945-2000


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Saskia Bodt
Tom van der Aalst
Peter Bol

This book is illustrated with paintings of Henri Bol. The text is divided in 3 chapters. In the first chapter, the brother of Henri Bol, Peter explains how the grow up together in Tongelre. The text of Tom van der Aalst explains the history of the small town Heusden, where Henri lived for the last 27 years of his live and where he worke as a independent artpainter since 1985.  First in his home ´Het Blaauw Laaken´ located in the ´Engstraat´  and since 1986 in his workshop in the´Waterpoort´.  The third chapter is a art historical consideration  written by art historian dr. Saskia de Bodt.

Text Dutch
156 pages
171 afbeeldingen
Format 300 x 300 mm
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