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JAN VAN NOUHUYS is the most prominent of contemporary Dutch silversmiths. He succeeded in elevating the silversmithing craft to an autonomous art form. He did so while embracing the knowledge and insights of centuries-old craftsmanship, and by inspiring and motivating other silversmiths to claim their place as contemporary silver artists. It was Van Nouhuys who was the initiator and driving force behind the influential Zilver in Beweging. Over a period of forty years Van Nouhuys created an oeuvre characterised by a sublimation of expression and craftsmanship.

Jan van Nouhuys – silver art – founder of Dutch contemporary silver art tells the story of a man who became a silversmith and who became fascinated by the craftmanship of his illustrious seventeenth century predecessors. Van Nouhuys realized that such craftsmanship could give meaning to contemporary silver as soon as the silversmith allows himself the freedom to work as an artist.

Written by journalist and art critic Marc Couwenbergh, this book is a monograph on Jan van Nouhuys and his silver art. It is a story full of scepticism, mistrust, near-failure and resounding success. Couwenbergh combines this story with an analysis of how Van Nouhuys, searching for his own imagery, built up an oeuvre that is unique in both quality and quantity. An extensive register makes the book a one-in-its-kind reference work on contemporary Dutch silver.

Over sixty objects from Van Nouhuys’ oeuvre are pictured in the book, photographed by Fred Weegenaar and Rob Glastra. Like the photos, the book’s design by Feike de Keijzer-Jansen reflects the importance Van Nouhuys attaches to craftsmanship and artistry.

Format 250×250 mm, 160 pages, full colour, hardcover, sewn linen binding.

Text : Dutch and English


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